Personalizing Your Kitchen Style


There are a lot of little things that show off who you are, say something about yourself. From your choice of frame for your glasses to the way, you add touches to your kitchen. Whether you click here to get a top-shelf kitchen renovation or shop for new styles, it’s important to know what is being said.


After all, you’re the topic. What you say about yourself and your tastes should matter to you.


Now, one way to make sure your kitchen fashion is updated and personal is a renovation. Let’s assume you’ve found a reliable crew. You’re still looking into budget constraints. You might get some things, but not everything. In such a case, you’ll want to go to function over form.


The kitchen isn’t just a fancy room. It has a function it needs to fulfil. If you’re not cooking well in it, then it won’t matter how kitsch or stylish it looks – it’s failed it’s intended purpose. So if the budget is tight, focus on function over form.


Wait a minute. If you can’t afford to alter how things look, then how do you adapt the space to reflect your sense of style? Take heart, because what you’re thinking of isn’t impossible.


First, remember that you’re not confined to any one thing other than possible placement.


It’s your kitchen. No one is telling you that you can only have it done 50s style, for that retro chic feel. No one is going to beat you over the head for sticking to a fresh blue colour scheme, no matter how perfect a touch of red here and there might be.


Add a little splash of colour here. Change up the style there. The only theme that you should adhere to is “You.”


With that in mind, consider the geometry of things.


If your kitchen is loaded with straight lines and tight corners, add a counter to it. Something soft and rounded, to balance out the other angles. Is your breakfast bar rounded? Use square stools, or maybe have straight-backed chairs.


Knobs and pulls can be tweaked, changed around, so they work better for you.


This change can be both aesthetic and practical. Remove those knobs on the cabinets and install ones that “speak” to you. If they’re hard to use or damaged, then you have even more reason to make the change.


Even if you can’t afford a full-scale, strip it all down renovation, there’s no reason you can’t personalise your kitchen fashion.