Glasses vs Contacts for Finance Pros

If you’re selling money-related services, should you get glasses or contacts?


This can be a challenge. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages, and financial advisors Perth have to decide which one works best for their goals. Apart from correcting their vision, there are many small details to consider. Here’s a practical look at these details.


First off, there’s the matter of image and presentation.


Eyeglasses can make a statement. They can be adjusted based on your fashion sense, with the ability to buy new frames as the seasons change. These can make them great for more conscious individuals, the ones that like to keep up with the times to present themselves better to clients.


Eyeglass lenses can also protect the eyes. If you use photochromic lenses, you can adjust the amount of light that gets through. These darken automatically when in sunlight while remaining clear in both indoor and outdoor conditions. This gives a brighter, more comfortable vision.


This is useful for those planners that visit clients, needing to adapt to multiple types and intensities of lighting.


Contact lenses can be fashion statements, though. They can be ordered for virtually any colour, which can let your personality and style shine better than standard frames. This isn’t always a benefit that you can exploit, but it can make you stand out when facing some types of clients.


In particular, freaky contact lenses can appeal to those who seek out novelty or nonconformity. For those that deal with investments and financial markets, a reputation for conformity can be troubling for many people who would otherwise be clients.


Contact lenses have the benefit of not hindering someone’s peripheral vision. More often than not, this is not an issue for financial planners. However, if you drive around a lot, you need as much of your peripheral vision as possible.


Glasses require less care than lenses do.


Contact lenses use specialised care for their maintenance. Failing to do so can not only affect your vision but also irritate your eyes. This can be a hassle compared to glasses, which you usually just need to remember to wear and wipe to clean regularly.


In the end, the image of glasses being associated with intelligence is probably going to help someone’s image in the financial field. People want smart folks to manage things like investments and money. If you have glasses, that image can be slightly easier to sell.

Personalizing Your Kitchen Style


There are a lot of little things that show off who you are, say something about yourself. From your choice of frame for your glasses to the way, you add touches to your kitchen. Whether you click here to get a top-shelf kitchen renovation or shop for new styles, it’s important to know what is being said.


After all, you’re the topic. What you say about yourself and your tastes should matter to you.


Now, one way to make sure your kitchen fashion is updated and personal is a renovation. Let’s assume you’ve found a reliable crew. You’re still looking into budget constraints. You might get some things, but not everything. In such a case, you’ll want to go to function over form.


The kitchen isn’t just a fancy room. It has a function it needs to fulfil. If you’re not cooking well in it, then it won’t matter how kitsch or stylish it looks – it’s failed it’s intended purpose. So if the budget is tight, focus on function over form.


Wait a minute. If you can’t afford to alter how things look, then how do you adapt the space to reflect your sense of style? Take heart, because what you’re thinking of isn’t impossible.


First, remember that you’re not confined to any one thing other than possible placement.


It’s your kitchen. No one is telling you that you can only have it done 50s style, for that retro chic feel. No one is going to beat you over the head for sticking to a fresh blue colour scheme, no matter how perfect a touch of red here and there might be.


Add a little splash of colour here. Change up the style there. The only theme that you should adhere to is “You.”


With that in mind, consider the geometry of things.


If your kitchen is loaded with straight lines and tight corners, add a counter to it. Something soft and rounded, to balance out the other angles. Is your breakfast bar rounded? Use square stools, or maybe have straight-backed chairs.


Knobs and pulls can be tweaked, changed around, so they work better for you.


This change can be both aesthetic and practical. Remove those knobs on the cabinets and install ones that “speak” to you. If they’re hard to use or damaged, then you have even more reason to make the change.


Even if you can’t afford a full-scale, strip it all down renovation, there’s no reason you can’t personalise your kitchen fashion.

What Are Prescription Glasses?

The very first time almost all of us come into contact with eyeglasses is either because we started out getting headaches at college or university and went to see an optician; or simply because the reason for writing this is to look cool on holiday, and bought our first couple of decent sunglasses. If perhaps you have great eye-sight, and do not need corrective lenses, then you may already be which your sunglasses fit into the class called low prescription glasses.

However, when searching online or in the stores for not prescription glasses, you need to realise there are two, almost opposing, definitions. They will are explained in the rest of this article.

No Prescription Fashion Glasses

These kinds of glasses – and glasses are an example – are worn purely for fashion, or have a reason other than to appropriate vision defects. For example, to protect our sight from bright sunlight and ultraviolet rays. Sunglasses usually had a part to play popular, and recently been worn by people who want to look cool. However, a new craze has emerged over the last few years, started out by “ordinary folk” and rapidly embraced by superstars including Cate Blanchett and Helena Christensen – design for geek chic.

The new geek chic style has seen the re-emergence of big chunky glasses alternatively than discreet thin-framed or rimless ones – think Buddy Holly and you will be in the right ballpark. The lenses themselves are completely fake, just plastic without having corrective properties.

Despite the misgivings of “real” eyeglasses wearers, who years ago were probably teased mercilessly because of their specs, the fashion for non prescription, no correcting glasses is continuing to grow quickly. Some stores have even reported teenagers spending a lot of cash on glasses, just to pop away the lenses as they leave the store!

The reasons for wearing such fake glasses include, of course, people wishing to follow the latest trend; but in addition there are people wearing them because they are more intelligent, or because they allow the individual to project an alternative character.

Cheap Non Prescription Spectacles

There is also a second meaning of the phrase “non pharmaceutical glasses” however. In this alternative case, they do have correcting lenses just like a standard pharmaceutical pair you might buy from your optician. These kinds of glasses are available from all sorts of retailers such as pharmacists, and are sometimes called otc (or OTC) glasses. They will are usually for folks over the age of fourty, who suffer from presbyopia – the conventional deterioration in eyesight due to ageing.

Instead of creating a series of eye tests, conducted by an optician or optometrist, the customer simply tries on glasses and reads a section of text to verify if there is any improvement. Whenever they find the correct strength eyeglasses, they can then choose from a range of various frame styles in-store.

This process is not used for myopia – or short sightedness – in younger people, where an appointment with a specialist is always advised. Trained optometrists can spot issues with general attention health, in fact it is common for them to spot underlying serious health problems unrelated to the eyes, such as diabetes, and in extreme cases brain tumors and other potentially fatal conditions. So for anything other than age-related poor eye-sight, it is usually far better go and see your local optician. If you already wear prescription eyeglasses, you should be getting your eyes re-tested every two years.

Finally, if you are searching for non prescription glasses, either to make a fashion statement or correct your poor vision in old age, make certain that you have used the correct meaning of the phrase or you might conclude sorely disappointed.